Donald L. DeVries, Jr. Named Chairman of MSBA's New Committee on Law Reform

November 2011

Donald L. DeVries, Jr. was appointed chairman of the Maryland State Bar Association’s (MSBA) new Committee on Law Reform.  Created by MSBA President Henry E. Dugan, Jr., the Committee on Law Reform will serve as the voice of the state’s legal profession, pursuing systemic change to improve the law for the benefit of the State’s citizens.  Through this Committee, the MSBA will assume a more proactive role in the development of laws in Maryland.  “The Committee will comprise a representative cross section of MSBA members, with the common goal of identifying beneficial consensus changes in the law,” explained Mr. DeVries.  Mr. DeVries further noted that the “MSBA is the ideal group to collectively identify much-needed new laws, ongoing problems with existing laws, such as unintended consequences, or laws that have become outdated.”  Goodell DeVries partner Marianne DePaulo Plant was also appointed to serve on the Committee.