Goodell DeVries Supports My Sister's Place Bridesmaids' BINGO Event

May 2010

In 2010, Goodell DeVries proudly supported My Sister's Place Women's Center, which held its annual Bridesmaids' BINGO fundraiser in May.  Managing Partner, Linda S. Woolf, served on the Bridesmaids' BINGO Committee, and partner Kelly Hughes Iverson, coordinated the Women's Bar Association's participation in the event. Partner Shannon Madden Marshall coordinated the firm's efforts, which included assembly of the event's "best gift basket."  In 2010 the Bridesmaids' BINGO event broke its prior annual fundraising record.  My Sister's Place Women's Center serves homeless women and their children as they make their way back to a life of stability and self-sufficiency.  For more information on, or to support, My Sister's Place click here