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The 21st century law practice demands a sophisticated technology strategy to provide the very best in legal services. In today’s world of e-filings, e-discovery, and mobility, the attorneys of Goodell DeVries have the tools and technical capability to access the data and communications services they need, allowing them to provide excellent service to their clients wherever they might be.

Computer security is a regulatory requirement. The requirements of mobile access run contrary to the old fortress-style computer security strategies. Goodell DeVries is continuously monitoring our security posture and adapting to current trends and threats along the cyber-landscape.

With multiple offices, Goodell DeVries' key systems, including e-mail and document management programs, are protected by redundant systems. Current processes mirror all data to multiple locations and, should the need arise, can be brought online in minutes to replace the primary systems.

For more information about the technology resources of Goodell DeVries, please contact David Roden at: dhr@gdldlaw.com.