GDLD’s focus on litigation includes an active Appellate practice group that works to secure our clients’ trial-court victories. And, when trial courts err, our attorneys strive to remediate any harmful errors by preserving and advancing important appellate points. To reach these goals, the Appellate group features dedicated legal writers whose concise analysis at trial and on appeal synthesizes key facts and controlling legal principles in even the most complex matters.

At all stages of litigation, our appellate attorneys can advance our clients’ interests. Specifically, the appellate attorney often helps trial counsel identify important and recurring issues when developing initial case strategies and preserve the appellate points through trial. In addition to briefing and arguing appeals, the appellate attorney often briefs pre-trial expert challenges, dispositive motions, and post-trial motions. Various industry groups and other organizations have also retained our appellate attorneys to educate courts through amicus briefing on significant industry-specific issues that may arise in appellate litigation.

Our appellate practice spans all of our practice areas, and we appear in state and federal appellate courts nationwide. A small sample of our recent appellate successes includes:

California Court of Appeal

·    Secured medical device manufacturer's trial court win in certified class action brought under California Unfair Competition Law.

Court of Appeals of Maryland

·    Granted mandamus relief for only the third time in court’s history.

Court of Special Appeals of Maryland

·    Vacated Maryland’s largest single-plaintiff medical-malpractice verdict ($55 million).

·    Affirmed Maryland’s 20% Rule to limit the use of “hired gun” professional witnesses in        medical-malpractice actions.

District of Columbia Court of Appeals

·    Adopted Rule 702/Daubert standard in 2016 for admission of expert testimony,                    replacing Frye/Dyas standard. GDLD filed amicus brief for the DC Defense Lawyers'            Association.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

·    Affirmed summary judgment after trial court excluded medical-malpractice plaintiff’s two      causation experts’ opinions on efficacy of anti-stroke medications.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

·    Affirmed product-liability verdict for forklift manufacturer.