Student Internship Program 

Goodell DeVries supports the hire of students for the benefit of expanding their educational experience.  The firm’s internship program provides a variety of opportunities for students to learn substantive and procedural aspects of the law in the context of the firm’s diverse litigation practice.  Interns typically work under the close supervision of lawyers or other firm staff members to ensure that their experience matches with their abilities and educational objectives.

Because Goodell DeVries encourages student interns to participate in substantive tasks that contribute to the advancement of the firm’s cases, the firm pays wages to its interns.  The firm does not offer unpaid internships.  All interns are paid based upon their level of skill and experience and the nature of their anticipated work for the firm.

Goodell DeVries understands that academic institutions may have specific policies with regard to whether students may earn wages while also earning school credit for their participation in the firm’s internship program.  Goodell DeVries encourages all student interns to consult with the internship program coordinators at their academic institution to determine how the issue of academic credit will be handled.

To apply for an internship at Goodell DeVries, please visit the Current Openings page on our website. Please submit your résumé to Jennifer Irish at and use the word “intern” in the subject line.